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White Acrylic Sheet

White acrylic sheet is a plastic material made from polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). It has a smooth, glossy surface and a white color. The sheets are lightweight, impact-resistant, and customizable in terms of thickness and size. They are commonly used in lighting fixtures, signs, display cases, and partitions. White acrylic sheets offer excellent light diffusion, durability, and weather resistance. They are easy to work with and provide a clean, modern look.
  • 1 tone

  • Windshields, Furniture, Signage, Displays, Lightboxes, Product containers (lotions, fragrance, etc), Art, Aquariums

  • Architecture, Automotive and Transportation, Retail, Construction, Interior Design


What is white acrylic panel ? 

White Plexiglass Acrylic is a versatile plastic material known for its impressive impact strength combined with its lightweight nature. It finds numerous applications, including signage, displays, picture framing, aquarium tanks, custom computer cases, and much more. Plexiglass can be easily worked with, allowing for sawing, drilling, routing, laser cutting, painting, decorating, silkscreening, and forming. At our stock, we offer three types of white plexiglass acrylic.

White #3015 is categorized as an opaque plexiglass sheet, meaning it allows little to no light transmission.

White #7328 is a solid sheet with some light transmission (translucent). It is an excellent choice for applications that require backlighting, such as backlit signs or displays.

White #2447 also allows light transmission (more than white #7328). It possesses a subtle milky white appearance and is commonly used in applications that require backlighting while allowing more light to pass through the material. Examples include photo light tables, lighted drawing tables, x-ray chart readers, overhead lights, and skylights.

All our white plexiglass is cast and comes with paper masking on both sides, while maintaining a glossy finish.

What's The Application of White Acrylic?

  • Windshields

  • Furniture

  • Signage

  • Displays

  • Lightboxes

  • Product containers (lotions, fragrance, etc)

  • Art

  • Aquarium

    In What Industries will Acrylic White Board be Used ?

  • Architecture

  • Automotive and Transportation

  • Retail

  • Construction

  • Interior Design

Discover More About Our White Acrylic Sheets

Our white plexiglass, cast with precision, offers exceptional moisture resistance while being only half the weight of glass. Not only that, it is an impressive 17 times stronger than traditional glass. Its higher molecular weight, compared to extruded acrylic, makes it the superior choice for shaping, machining, and laser cutting applications. White plexiglass finds versatile uses in various industries, including signage, aquariums, POP displays, and furniture.

Selexible provides a range of three shades of white in our white plexiglass selection:

  • Translucent dull white

  • Translucent bright white

  • Opaque bright white

Can I Ask For Cut To Cut-To-Size Acrylic White ?

Yes, of couse. 

Our standard cut-to-size length and width tolerances are typically more accurate than the +/-1/8" specified. However, if you require even greater precision, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team. For our white acrylic sheet thickness, the tolerances are within +/-10%, with variations throughout the sheet usually less than 5%. Please refer to the nominal and actual sheet thicknesses provided below:

  • 1/8" = 3mm = 0.118"

  • 3/16" = 4.5mm = 0.177"

  • 1/4" = 5.5mm = 0.217"

  • 3/8" = 9mm = 0.354"

  • 1/2" = 12mm = 0.472"

If you have any additional questions regarding these options, please feel free to contact our team at Selexible Plastic. We can provide you with further information about our acrylic edge polishing and finishing choices.

What Is White Opaque Acrylic Board ?

This solid white acrylic sheet provides excellent light-blocking properties, making it highly effective at preventing the passage of light. Opaque white plexiglass sheets offer a barrier that conceals objects behind them and may emit a subtle glow when backlit, depending on the thickness. They are ideal for various applications such as photography, signage, and diverse creative projects. Similar to other acrylic materials, this sheet is easy to cut, shape, and fabricate.

You have the option to choose from full sheet sizes or take advantage of specially priced pre-cut sizes. Additionally, we offer custom cut-to-size acrylic sheets for an additional cost. If you require a personalized quote, please don't hesitate to reach out to Selexible's team.

acrylic white

What Is Acrylic Sheet Translucent White ?

This solid white acrylic sheet effectively diffuses any light that passes through it. Translucent plexiglass sheets offer a level of opacity that prevents objects from being visible through them, but they can emit a vibrant glow when backlit, depending on their thickness. These sheets are also commonly referred to as milky white acrylic. They are perfect for applications such as lighting, photography, signage, and a wide range of creative projects. Like all acrylics, this sheet can be easily cut, shaped, and fabricated.

You have the option to select from full sheet sizes or take advantage of specially priced pre-cut sizes. Additionally, we offer custom cut-to-size acrylic sheets for an additional cost. If you require a personalized quote, please don't hesitate to contact Selexible's team.white acrylic sheets

Can I Have The Safety Data Sheet And Physical Properties Of Your Acrylic Board White ?

Yes, of course, you can download the two pdf as bellow:

cast acrylic sheet - Physical Properties.pdfacrylite-sheet-SDS.pdf

Packaging and Shipping of Acrylic White Sheet

* Export standard package or as clients' request to pack(usually in wooden or plastic pallets)

* We can deliver the goods to port to to door(customer's address) through sea shipping, air shipping or express.

gold mirror acrylic packaging

gold mirror acrylic sheet stock

gold acrylic mirror pallets packaging