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Red Mirror Acrylic

Our red mirror acrylic sheets have a highly reflective surface and are the best substitute for the traditional glass mirrors. They areextremely durable and can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from wall sticker, frame, strip, garden, gym and many other projects and places. These mirror finish acrylic sheets are easy to saw or laser cut, drill, polish, heat bend, engrave, glowforge and route.

Available in full sheet sizes, pre-cut sizes, and custom cut-to-size.
  • 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.8mm, 2mm, 2.8mm, 3mm

  • 350mm, 500mm, 700mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1220mm

  • 10pcs


1. Red Mirror Acrylic Information

Acrylic mirror sheet are produced by applying a metal finish to one side of the extruded acrylic sheet, then the mirror surface covered with a grey painted backing to protect.

Acrylic mirror is an excellent alternative to the conventional glass mirrors. Acrylic mirror sheets are widely used in decorative displays, crafts, interior design applications and more. Mirrored acrylic is 50% lighter than glass, and many times more resistant to breakage and impact. Acrylic mirrors can be easily cut, drilled, shaped, and bent with a strip heater.

2. Technical Details

Opacity Opaque 
Special Effect 
Surface Finish 

Common Thickness

(net without protective)

0.7mm, 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2mm, 2.8mm, 3mm
Widely Used Size 


1220*1830mm(4*6'), 1220*2440mm(4*8')

Base Acrylic Type
Extruded Acrylic 
Clear PE Film or Brown Paper 

For more, you can check the PDF. as below

Red Mirror Acylic MSDS(material safety data sheet).pdfRed Mirror Acrylic Data Sheet.pdf

3. Product Application

  • box packaging / storage 

  • cake plug-in / birthday cake topper

  • holiday decorations

  • daily mirror 

  • decorative mirror 

  • dress adornment

  • interior decoration 

  • indoor application 

  • infant cognitive mirror 

  • font advertising 

  • advertisement sign 

  • acrylic mirror wall stickers-3d acrylic mirror wall stickers

  • ceiling decoration 

  • engrave crafts 

  • furniture decoration 

  • wall decoration 

  • wedding decoration 

  • screen board 

red acrylic mirror for daily mirror

red acrylic mirror sheet for birthday cake topperred acrylic mirror wall stickers

red acrylic mirror laser cut

red mirror acrylic for box storage

red mirrored acrylic for holiday decorationred mirrored acrylic sheet for box packaging

4. Packaging and Shipping

* Export standard package or as clients' request to pack(usually in wooden or plastic pallets)

* We can deliver the goods to port to to door(customer's address) through sea shipping, air shipping or express. 

red mirror acrylic packaging

red mirror acrylic sheet stock

red acrylic mirror pallets packaging

5. F.A.Q

how to cut/engrave acrylic mirror

1. Carbon dioxide laser for special-shaped cutting

Laser cutting can be used to cut acrylic mirrors of any shape while minimizing material waste. Laser cutting work by focusing a large amount of energy on a small, confined area, which then melts and vaporizes the material. It should be noted that the speed and light intensity must be well matched when cutting.

2. cutting machine or chainsaw for straight line cutting

It is generally used to achieve precise straight-line cutting of one or more acrylic mirror sheets. When cutting the material with the mirror side down, you should keep a protective film between each two sheets, this will protect the paint back coating during the cutting process. If you only need to cut straight, this method is the fastest and cheaper.

3. CNC engraving and special-shaped cutting

Similar to laser cutting, it can cut the acrylic sheet according to the input graphics, but the cutting accuracy and effect are not as good as that of laser cutting. And more acrylic chips are produced during cutting, which wastes more material than other cutting methods.

4. Manual hook knife and line cutting

In the absence of equipment, you can use a manual hook knife to mark the line to be cut on the acrylic mirrors, draw back and forth a few times. Then place one side on the desktop, one side hang in the air, the acrylic mirrors can be broken by hand along the scratches. If you want the edges to be neat, you can use sandpaper to polish the edges.

How to cut mirror acrylic with glowforge

Reflectivity is highly dependent on wavelength. Per Glowforge, mirrored acrylic is opaque to the laser and non-reflective. However, copper, brass, and to a lesser extent silver, are all highly IR reflective and should not be used in the laser without surface treatment to prevent reflections back into the head.

Mirrored acrylic doesn’t need to by masked or cut in a certain orientation to protect the laser.

can you cut acrylic mirror sheets

Yes, we can. Please contact with us with the design draft or customized size, we will cut for you. Both CNC and laser cutting is available here.

how to clean acrylic mirror

Use Brillianize or Novus products for cleaning and remove the scratch. Soap and water also works. Do not use Windex or 409. Also Lexan polycarbonate mirror is available by special order. The advantage is it will NOT break and can handle higher temperatures (120℃). It does good for police stations, psychiatric wards, prisons or other high breakage potential installations.

how to install acrylic mirror sheet

If you use screws for mounting, you will get distortion in the reflection. You NEED a Plexiglass Drill Bit for making the hole.

Trust us - you will break or crack the plastic with a metal bit.

Double Face Tape - easy way to mount.

Water-Based Contact Adhesive - a permanent solution to a FLAT surface.

can I have your mirror acrylic pricelist

We are an factory of mirrored acrylic sheets in China, prices changing with your different request in sizes and thickness, colors, quantity and so on.

For an accurate quotation please contact with us without any hesitate, our sales team will help you to find the best solutions as what we have done during the past 18 years.